Claire Davies Is Greedy

Cook. Eat. Share.

The blog.

A combination of back catalogue and ongoing food writing, the blog is for anyone who loves to eat and drink in the company of others. With recipes to use, food stories to entertain and a chance to meet those working to bring us the food we love; find inspiration, learn from my mistakes, but above all – cook, eat and share.

The cook.

Food has remained a constant in my life. A portfolio career has seen me selling bread for an artisan baker, making sausages as a butchers assistant and even devising savoury recipes for a local chocolate themed cafe. In my early work as an occupational therapist I supported others to hold onto independence with the food they prepared and cooked for themselves. When a genetic heart condition turned to cardiac failure I applied these skills to my own situation – finding meaningful activity in the giving of food to others.  A heart transplant in 2009 gave me a new lease of life but also placed us all under a great deal of pressure and it was then that cooking and baking really stepped up to the mark – I credit the kitchen as quite literally saving my sanity. These experiences led to my early blogs ‘A Sense of Purpose’ and ‘The History Girls’ – now gone but not forgotten.

As blogging for myself turned to writing for others I set up as a freelance writer and started plying my wares as a copywriter and brand storyteller. Focusing on making this next stage of my life pay, the food writing turned into an occasional pleasure with regular contributions to my local paper and the excellent York on a Fork and YorkMix. I aim to build on this during 2017.

Claire Davies is certainly greedy. But I also love to share. My food, the stories I find along the way and definitely the people I meet. As a writer this blog is my back catalogue and an ongoing portfolio of my work. As a cook and a food lover, it is another way to share the joy with others. I hope that you find it useful and, just occasionally, you find something to spark your own inspiration.