Rosehip syrup and honey

First published Oct 2015 Autumn is the perfect season for foraging as the hedgerows burst forth with elder, bramble and sloes. Among these sit an often forgotten bounty of ruby-red wild rose hips, once a very popular crop for those seeking winter nutrition. This member of the Rosaceae family is a relative of apples, quince … Continue reading Rosehip syrup and honey

Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

First published Nov 2014 on The History Girls Most readers are probably aware of my scepticism when it comes to the hype surrounding ‘new’ food trends. Food history has taught me that just about everything has been done before and many fashionable ingredients or recipes originate from a peasant background or place of necessity. Teff … Continue reading Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

A healthy soup with leftover veg

I'm not really one for new year resolutions, particularly not health related ones. The very idea of abstinence at a time of year when our bodies are programmed to crave rich, satisfying calories is frankly unrealistic. And don't even get me started on the fact that the British new year was actually in March - … Continue reading A healthy soup with leftover veg