Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

First published Nov 2014 on The History Girls Most readers are probably aware of my scepticism when it comes to the hype surrounding ‘new’ food trends. Food history has taught me that just about everything has been done before and many fashionable ingredients or recipes originate from a peasant background or place of necessity. Teff … Continue reading Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

A healthy nutty pudding from Noah

First published January 2015 on The History Girls There are times when a new recipe develops through hours of research. Others flash into life from a simple word, smell or taste while I’m thinking of something completely unrelated. Then, like this one, inspiration visits via someone else. Noah’s Pudding first appeared in a novel my … Continue reading A healthy nutty pudding from Noah

Porridge to go a-viking

First published October 2015 The addition of barley and rye flakes offers a deliciously nutty texture and fits with the typical diet of the time. Buttermilk gives a creamy texture with a sharp aftertaste that balances wonderfully with the natural sweetness of the topping. In addition to honey I have finished the porridge with the … Continue reading Porridge to go a-viking