Leek, broad bean and dill soup

First published September 2015 in York Food Festival magazine One of the things that I love about autumn and winter are the endless opportunities for nourishing, warming soup. Dried pulses, root vegetables and alliums are readily available and seem to exist purely for this ages old form of cookery. It is the cooking pots of … Continue reading Leek, broad bean and dill soup

Carrot and red lentil soup

First published Sept 2016 in York Press I love soup making in winter and you will find lots of recipes on the blog. This quick and easy soup is perfect for filling cold tummies after a walk out with the family. The main constituents of this recipe are the lentils, stock and tomatoes. The carrots … Continue reading Carrot and red lentil soup

Carrot and Cardamom cookies

First published March 2015 in York Press. Or, a modern twist on a war time cookie. As the winter takes over we can depend on root crops as a vegetable source but they require a touch of ingenuity to make life more interesting. This cookie recipe is based on an old World War Two treat … Continue reading Carrot and Cardamom cookies

Roast pork and dill potatoes

First published January 2016 in York Press Pork belly is one of my favourite comfort food options - the perfect antidote to cold drizzle and grey skies. Humans and pigs have lived in harmony for thousands of years and it is certain that our Viking ancestors made use of their nourishing meat over the late … Continue reading Roast pork and dill potatoes