An apple dish fit for a king

I love finding ancient recipes and trying to cook them at home. Living in York certainly means that I can find plenty of historic inspiration right on my doorstep. As a small nod to local royal celebrity Richard III - and in celebration of Bramley Apple week - I thought I would share one of … Continue reading An apple dish fit for a king

Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

First published Nov 2014 on The History Girls Most readers are probably aware of my scepticism when it comes to the hype surrounding ‘new’ food trends. Food history has taught me that just about everything has been done before and many fashionable ingredients or recipes originate from a peasant background or place of necessity. Teff … Continue reading Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

Carrot and Cardamom cookies

First published March 2015 in York Press. Or, a modern twist on a war time cookie. As the winter takes over we can depend on root crops as a vegetable source but they require a touch of ingenuity to make life more interesting. This cookie recipe is based on an old World War Two treat … Continue reading Carrot and Cardamom cookies

Summer scented rhubarb crumble

First published June 2015 June offers an abundance of choice in the culinary calendar. The year has already given us an extended opportunity to try the grassy stems of asparagus, and early British strawberries have begun hitting market stalls right on cue. This month also brings free food options with nettle tops, dandelion leaves and … Continue reading Summer scented rhubarb crumble