To eat or not to eat…

First published Feb 2015 Like many of us, my relationship with food has fluctuated over my lifetime. After a struggle with breastfeeding I was, so I am reliably informed, fed with carnation milk. My toddler self was extremely fussy but this thankfully morphed in to a constant hunger and willingness to eat anything once. Growing … Continue reading To eat or not to eat…

Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

First published Nov 2014 on The History Girls Most readers are probably aware of my scepticism when it comes to the hype surrounding ‘new’ food trends. Food history has taught me that just about everything has been done before and many fashionable ingredients or recipes originate from a peasant background or place of necessity. Teff … Continue reading Gluten free biscuits with nutty Teff grain

Is red meat bad for your health?

First published Oct 2015 A year ago the world woke to news that the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) had classified processed meat as carcinogenic. The media worked themselves into a frenzy in their attempts to bring readers the shocking headlines. “Claims by world health chiefs that processed meats can give you cancer and are as … Continue reading Is red meat bad for your health?

Cookery book review -William Sitwell

First published August 2014 on The History Girls. People  often ask where my love of food history began and where they can go to do similiar research. I took my first steps with medieval recipes, a time when sugar and exotic spices influenced the stomachs of the most affluent in British society, and, as so … Continue reading Cookery book review -William Sitwell