I love finding ancient recipes and trying to cook them at home. Living in York certainly means that I can find plenty of historic inspiration right on my doorstep.

As a small nod to local royal celebrity Richard III – and in celebration of Bramley Apple week – I thought I would share one of my favourite 15th century treats from the recipe archive. Apparently, his recently discovered remains show that our Dickie had a very sweet tooth. It’s a tasty, simple recipe which seems almost frugal by today’s standards. Two of the main ingredients indicate that this would have been a sweet dish for the upper classes, though it’s quite likely that the hoi pollloi had their own, plainer version.

 Apple Muse

15th C recipe from http://www.godecookery.com

Take apples and seethe them, and serge them through a sieve into a pot. Then take almond milk and honey and cast them to; add in breadcrumbs, honey, saffron and salt a little. Boil it up and let it seethe though mind to stir it well. Serve it up when thick.

Simple! Although it isn’t mentioned in the recipe, you could always add extra warmth with a little ginger, cinnamon or even a zing of lemon zest. They are all appropriate to the period and allow you to experiment a little to suit your own tastes. The dish can be served warm or at room temperature but it doesn’t keep well so is really best eaten straight away. Eat out of little pewter dishes wearing your best jewellery for true decadence.

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